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The Battle of Petrovaradin or Battle of Peterwardein

The Battle of Petrovaradin or Battle of Peterwardein was a decisive victory for Austrian forces in the war between Austria and the Ottoman Empire (17161718), at Petrovaradin, now part of Novi Sad, Vojvodina, in Serbia.
In 1716, Grand Vizier Damad Ali gathered a 150,000 strong Ottoman army at Belgrade, at the core of which were 40,000 Janissaries, 20,000 Sipahi, and 10,000 Tatars. They crossed the Sava at Zemun at the end of July, and moved on the right bank of the Danube towards Sremski Karlovci.
The commander of the Austrian forces, Prince Eugene of Savoy, decided to engage the Turks at Petrovaradin. He had arranged for the construction of a fortified encampment within the fortress there, and set the 80,000 strong Imperial army on the march from their quarters in Futog.
On August 2, the first skirmish between the Imperial vanguard and Turkish horsemen occurred. By the next day, the Grand Visir had already reached Petrovaradin and immediately dispatched 30,000 Janissaries against the imperial positions. They dug saps and began to bombard the fortress.
The core of the Imperial army only crossed the Danube on the night of August 5 by two pontoon bridges after which they encamped.

Read in WIKI the whole story and how it affected the Corfu Siege of 1716 :

(Due to this and other later historical events Serbia and Corfu are very well connected.)

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